In an era when children and close relatives are busy with careers and raising their own families, the traditional support system for senior citizens is dysfunctional especially in the cities. As a result, the elderly get very lonely and long for an outlet for social interaction with their peers.  Also, it is often not easy for busy professionals or entrepreneurs to take care of an elderly relative in their own homes as some may require a lot of attention and care as much as 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

WINISEPH CARE HOME is conceptualised to meet the physical,  social and emotional needs of the elderly and the expectations of their loving children and relatives:  A holistic approach to caring for the person is central to our guiding principles.

1) To provide older adults with or without functional impairment an opportunity to get out of the house and receive both mental and social stimulation with their peers , share in stimulating activities, receive physical or speech therapy if needed and also receive assistance with activities of daily living with dignity in an atmosphere that enhances the value of human life and affirms self worth.

2) To give caregivers e.g. children or relatives a much needed break in which to attend to other needs or to simply rest and relax whilst avoiding the guilt of placing a loved one in institutional care. In other words adult day care complements home health care.

3)To provide health maintenance and the restorative needs of clients, offering a quality level of service to maintain or improve the physical, mental and emotional  well being of the elderly.